Nurseryland Dolo-Plus Lime

  • 15kg
  • Corrects acid soil.
  • Starts working immediately.
  • Will not burn the grass.
  • Increases fertilizer availability in acid soil.
  • Non-irritating.
  • Apply anytime.
  • Improves tilth of soil.

The prilled form of dolomite lime is an easy and inexpensive way to apply lime. Simply open into a broadcast spreader or throw on by hand, this 10kg bag will cover 200m² or 2000ft². Dolomite lime will leach into your soil with rainfall or watering and keep your pH in balance. This allows your grass, veggies, and flowers to better absorb the nutrients available in the soil and creates an environment difficult for acid-loving spores such as moss to take hold. Just be aware, excess rain will push the lime out of your soil making liming your lawn and garden a routine task (1-2 times annually). Combine with Nurseryland's Premium Lawn Food 1-2 weeks after applying the lime for best results.

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